About Us
The company TERMOELEKTRO was established on 22 May 1948 under the name ‘’Elektrogradnja’’ and up to the moment when it assumed its current name, TERMOELEKTRO had been going through some various phases of transformations, starting from:
  • disincorporation of the design company, under the name of ‘’Termoelektroprojekt’’, later on named ‘’Energoprojekt’’, in 1950,
  • integration with ’’Elektrosrbija’’ into the corporation ‘’Minel’’, in 1970,
  • disincorporation of the work organisation for design, erection and transportation from ‘’Minel’’ and reestablishment of TERMOELEKTRO, in 1978,
  • constitution of the public enterprise, in 1990,
  • constitution of four enterprises: the holding company TERMOELEKTRO d.d., ‘’Termoelektro-Enel’’ a.d., ’’Termoelektro-Termoprojek’’ d.d. and ‘’Termoelektro-Cemeks’’ d.d., in 1991,
  • ownership transformation of TERMOELEKTRO a.d., in 1999,
  • privatisation of the company by a major shareholder, Swiss company COMFITRADE SA, in February 2008, thus becoming a member of the COMFITRADE SA concern
  • In December 2009. Termoelektro Company changes its legal form, from AD (Stock Corporation) to DOO (Limited liability Company) with single shareholder with 100% ownership, Swiss company COMFITRADE SA
Design, engineering, construction and erection of the most complex, strategically important industrial facilities within the sectors of power plants, refinery and petrochemical complexes, industrial plants and metallurgical concerns are the activities that TERMOELEKTRO has been operating for 60 years in the country and abroad.

During its existence TERMOELEKTRO has erected over 1.300.000 tonnes of equipment, piping and steel structures and constructed tens of thermal and hydroelectric power stations total power of over 7.000MW, of which 1,500MW have been constructed abroad, and performed erection work on five refineries with the total processing capacity of over 12.000.000 tonnes of petroleum.

In a vast number of industrial plant projects on which TERMOELEKTRO has performed its activities, the most prominent ones are the cement factories Lafarge Beočin, Holcim Novi Popovac, Titan Kosjerić and Usje Macedonia.

The company’s work experience has showed that during erection, reconstruction and overhauls of power and industrial plants the need for manufacturing of specialized equipment is often arisen. In order to fully cover its scope of services, TERMOELEKTRO has introduced the facilities for the manufacture of this non-standard equipment. For instance, there were 1200 tonnes of non-standard equipment manufactured for the requirements of the Lafarge Beočin cement factory in 2003 alone.
Hundreds of other facilities have been constructed within the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy as well as all other fields of industry such as the cement industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical and foodstuffs industry and others.

Since 1990 TERMOELEKTRO’s own Welder Centre, performing welder trainings in the range from the elementary to the highest level of qualification, has trained over 1050 unemployed candidates. Beside welder training, the school has organised fitter, rigger, foreman, controller and engineer trainings.

In order to maintain the quality of works performed and raise the level of its services, TERMOELEKTRO founded the Technical Centre for examination of operating equipment including laboratories for destructive and non-destructive testing of metals and welded joints, inspection of pressure equipment and safety valves inspection, all being accredited by the Accreditation body of Serbia.

TERMOELEKTRO is currently engaged in the overhaul and maintenance work of the Pančevo oil refinery and petrochemical complex which TERMOELEKTRO had constructed as well.
The thermal power plants Nikola Tesla A and B in Obrenovac and the Kostolac thermal power plants, TPP Kolubara, Panonske power plants are just a part of many Serbian power plants constructed by TERMOELEKTRO, also being currently overhauled and maintained by this company. TERMOELEKTRO resumed its activities in the German market again in 2003 and since then it has been engaged in installation of the power plants for RWE, the largest German energy system, as well as in construction of two boiler systems in Boxberg, the boiler pressure parts erection in TPP Moorburg and Lunen.

Today TERMOELEKTRO is the partner with world-renowned companies such as Hitachi Power Europe GmbH, AE&Е Inova GmbH, KHD Humboldt – Wedag GmbH, Babcock Borsig Service GmbH and others.

All this is to show that TERMOELEKTRO is a modern company which has been growing rapidly to meet market requirements. Investments into the most contemporary equipment, tools and means have been made, all in pursuit of the objective to remain the Southeast European market leader in the years to come.

Our rich experience over the past years and current dynamic development guarantee that all major investors of strategic jobs and plants throughout the world and especially in Serbia will find in TERMOELEKTRO a reliable and professional partner.